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Утилиты Образ жизни
Разработчик Moxski LLC

yCaesar has gone universal!

* All new graphics! (Retina support added)
* All new sharing options! (Email, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook)
* One app, multiple devices! (iPad and iPhone)
* Portrait and landscape mode for both iPad and iPhone.
* New options to generate random keys, send the key with the message/share option, and more cryptic encoding.

Write secret messages and send them to a friend with a push of a button!

This application uses the Caesar Cipher method that was once used by the great Julius Caesar. It simply substitutes letters by shifting by a fixed number that you specify between 1 & 25.

To send a secret message start by typing or pasting a message into the "Input" field. Then enter a digit between 1 & 25 in the "Key" field and hit "Encrypt." The encrypted message will appear in the "Output" field. From there you can send the encrypted message via Email, iMessage/Text, Twitter, or Facebook status! The key can be sent with the message in a simple format, C15. The "C" stands for Caesar, and the 15 is the shift key of 15. You also have to option of not sending the key with the message for more security.

When you receive an encrypted message, copy and paste it into the top "Input" field, enter the key between 1 & 25, press the "Decrypt" button and your secret message will be decrypted for you to read!

Somebody who doesnt know the secret number of shifts can decipher this message, but its very time consuming.

Note 1: Only letters from "A" to "Z" are supported.
Note 2: This is an text encryption app, but this app should not be used to cipher any company or government secrets.
Note 3: iOS 5+ only (sorry iOS 4)